Straightforward websites for small businesses.
Everything you need to get your business online.

Webcosia has all the professional features and popular add-ons to create the perfect website for your business.

Every Webcosia website is hand-built by our in-house designers and fully managed by our dedicated Website Management team.

From small business websites and creative portfolios to online shops and content management, we’ve got you covered.

Beautiful themes

Choose from our professional themes and styling options to build a website that perfectly represents your business.

Always works

All designs are fully responsive and optimised for mobile. Mobile traffic has increased 75.9% and continues to grow.

Business email

Boost your brand with professional email e.g. Access email at the office, at home, and on the go.

Search engine ready

Expert search engine optimisation (SEO) and advanced Google integration ensures your business is found online.

Bespoke development

Our themes are just the beginning. The sky’s the limit with Webcosia. Get in touch with your project requirements.

Dedicated support and updates

Our dedicated Website Management team takes care of  website updates and all your support needs.

Welcome to your new web department.

Streamline your business with Website Management. A simple and efficient way to keep your website up-to-date.

Website Management takes care of website updates, content changes, email management, and maintains all website services.

Peace of mind that your website is managed.

"Having direct communication with a real person that knows our website inside out has proven to be invaluable." — L. Fry, BCC

All website updates are performed within 24 hours.

Peace of mind that your website is managed.

When you run a business with a growing to-do list, every second counts. Sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day. 

Free up valuable time with a Website Management Plan.

"Having direct communication with a real person that knows our website inside out has proven to be invaluable." — L. Fry, BCC

Website Management starts at just $39 per month for unlimited content updates, email management, dedicated support, and peace of mind.

All website updates are performed within 24 hours.

Websites for every business & purpose

Sell your products

Webcosia integrates seamlessly with popular shopping and payment apps to create a world-class shopping experience.

Showcase your work

Display your work with a professional gallery, sell your art online and connect with your customers using Webcosia add-ons.

Tell your story

Powerful WordPress blogging tools, social media integration, Webcosia add-ons make it easy to create a professional blog.

To D.I.Y. or not to D.I.Y.

That is the question.

Get the best of both worlds with Webcosia Dash and our dedicated website management team.

Contact website management anytime for updates and support. Or login to Webcosia Dash to update content and styling options.

No easy task

What goes where? How do I move that? Does that look right? How do I code? Something’s missing but I can’t put my finger on it. It looks good on my computer, but not on my phone.

Some things are best left to the experts.

Update your website anytime, anywhere.

Make changes to website content, edit styling options, and manage galleries from your phone, tablet or computer 24/7 from Webcosia Dash.

Get Website Management from $39 p/m. Available 7-days-a-week for all your content updates and support needs.

Webcosia Dash makes it easy to update, maintain, and analyse your website, SEO and manage email.

It has never been easier to manage a professional website.

We're here for you.

Why choose Webcosia?

Webcosia combines the ease and convenience of a DIY web builder such as Wix or Squarespace with all the benefits and comforts of having the expertise of a professional web designer and account manager at your fingertips.

Simply pick a theme and a plan, and leave the rest to us. You can update your website 24/7 using Webcosia Dash, or choose a managed plan for unlimited content updates. 

"When you're running a business, having a website manager on hand to update your website for you is priceless." — D. Haines, Sovereign Landscaping

Web builders vs. web designers

D.I.Y. web builders have a lot of limitations. There is only so much you can do. And of course, you have to take the time to build it yourself.

If you want to move something, or add something, it can rarely be done. And sometimes what you need requires hard-coding.

Get the best of both worlds with Webcosia.

Whether you need a simple website to give your business an online presence, an online shop or a bespoke management system, we have a plan for you.

Your website is your 24hr shop window. It must accurately represent the quality of your business.

We’re constantly evolving, improving and updating our products and services to provide the best possible solutions for our clients.

Simplicity is a big part of our philosophy, too. We try to keep things as simple and hassle-free as possible for you.

Here’s some of the things we do for you:





Up to 6 pages
Hand-built by us
All services setup
Business email
All pro features




Up to 15 pages
Hand-built by us
Content management
All services setup
Business email
All pro features




Up to 25 pages
Hand-built by us
Content management
E-commerce shop
All services setup
Business email
All pro features

  1. Choose a package and a monthly plan that suits you.
  2. Choose a theme that fits your business.
  3. Click ‘Get Started’ when you are ready to order your new website.

Webcosia is a complete solution. Everything you need to get your business online is included. We build and manage your website and look after all web services including website updates, email services, web hosting, domain name, search engine optimisation and integration, social media connectivity, and more.

Yes. This is a DIY-free zone! Once you have chosen a plans and a theme, hand over the reigns to us. Simply hit ‘Get Started’ and begin sending us your content, your ideas, branding and styling details such as colour schemes, and we’ll put it all together for you.

Enter your desired domain name e.g. on the order form. Your website manager will email you to confirm your details before purchasing it on your behalf. You are the legal owner of the domain name. We just look after it for you.

After completing the order form you’ll receive a personal email from your new website manager within 24 hours. If you have any questions or ideas about your website, now’s the time to let us know! Also, if you skipped any parts of your order, send the outstanding content over when you can.

Tell us what email accounts you want on the order form e.g. You can also contact your website manager anytime to add, remove and upgrade email accounts.

Yes. Whether you choose a managed or a non-managed plan, it’s easy to update your website from any device with Webcosia Dash. Simply log in and click on the page you want to update.

Absolutely. We’ve transferred many websites from Wix. 

Absolutely. We’ve transferred many websites from Squarespace. 

Webcosia is the best of both. We’ve combined the features of a web builder with the benefits of a having a professional web designer and account manager at your fingertips. This allows us to keep the costs low, but the possibilities endless. Choose a theme and a plan like you would with a web builder, then a professional web designer takes over. Need custom work, something changed, or a bespoke management system? We’ve got you covered. Our themes are just the beginning. 

Website build costs are paid in two parts: 50% before the build, and the remaining 50% when your website is complete and you are fully satisfied. Management plans are paid monthly.

Nothing. Everything is included in your monthly maintenance fee. Domain name renewal fees are annual. 

Absolutely. Our themes are just the beginning. Tell your website manager what you would like to customise.

Nope. We’ve got you covered there! Any custom design or styling work is done by your website manager.

You may supply as many images as you like, but we also source stock photographs on your behalf during the design process. You must own or have legal rights to any supplied images and graphics.

Typically 3-5 working days if we have all website content and copy. More complex sites, shops and content management can take up to a week.